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Today morning, everythings works fine, the chat works normal. Then I shut down my computer, go to work, and came back one hour ago. Start WoW like everytime but I can't read anything that is written in the chat. I can only read what I type in the party chat, but I can't read what others write there.

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See if any of the Vanilla WoW for free, I am grateful! Jul 13, 2018 Down next to your general chat box is an icon for chat channels: Clicking The raid chat still worked, but it meant you had to be in group to talk. Sep 22, 2020 WOW Newcomer Chat Norris jokes and spam that come along with the usual General chat channel in starting zones. automatically be added to a Newcomer Chat channel, where you can talk with other new players and  Sep 6, 2019 /1: The General channel, seen by everyone in the current world Zone you're in ( Ex. Durotar, Stormwind, Loch Modan). /2: The Trade channel.

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Usually you'll join a General Chat channel, your Class Chat channel  The WoW Trade Channel allows players to 'chat' or announce items or services of interest to other players in all of the major cities for that faction. You have  Apr 5, 2013 To start, most of the chat commands are typed into the game type of chat command you last used and assume you want to keep speaking in the same way . by zone), it often becomes a boisterous general chat channel. Oct 11, 2017 Topic: [ANSWERED]Can't talk in any chat channels me with this someone, for whatever reason I cannot talk in Global/Trade/General/LFG/etc.


I’m banned in world. He stays online long enough to ban us from world chat because he’s mad that we shared the sexually harassing things he whispered and DM’d female members of the guild and is doing this daily to retaliate. Right click the chat tab, and unlock the tab. You can move it after that, if it is still locked check the interface option, should be a unlock chat window. answered 9 years ago by ysge4geg Adept ( 843 points) 16 2021-03-19 · World of Warcraft.

# 1 is the General channel. # 2 is the Trade channel.
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I can only read what I type in the party chat, but I can't read what others write there.

2020-11-02 #5: A Chat With a Guild Master. Audio Player. Q. About the General chat channels: are people put in General channels by window NPC speech + public channel flood make it really hard to talk via whispers. We're working to make it work like WoW in a future patch.
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See below for basic chat channel info. Additional notes Player characters from opposing factions Open the Guild & Communities tab (default J) Type something into the channel and press enter Click the Add to Chat Window button at the bottom of the window and select your preferred tab I can talk in Trade or General chat, but guild is a no go. Sounds like a wow problem.

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Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next. Cancel. Autoplay is paused. You're signed out.

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Jul 12, 2016 For the average player, general chat essentially becomes useless at that point. will be hit with an account-wide penalty that restricts their ability to talk.

To send a message in general chat, type the following into the chat entry area: /1 message Chat Chat Channels Trade chat Gamepedia World of Warcraft Guide,Strategy,Cheat,Map:talk in general chat in other zones Cheap WOW Gold - Policy of BANK OF WOW:Keep Watching Prices across All Other Stores Each Day, to Make Sure We have the Cheapest Price! Pages linking here may have clues as to what the page should contain, or the discussion page. General Chat is the most common Chat channel, it's localized into each zone. To send a message in general chat, type the following into the chat entry area: /1 message Wow chat commands are an essential part of World of Warcraft and can be a powerful tool when chatting with other players. The more chat commands you know the easyer and fatser it will be to communicate with your group or raid parties and therfore have a much more enjoyable experience.